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Store file data in the database using ActiveRecord. - richardkmichael/carrierwave-activerecord

I don't use Carrierwave but I guess it's similar to Paperclip. Therefore you should be able to use something like this link_to 'Download file' 

阿里云 OSS Ruby 上传组件,基于 Carrierwave. Contribute to huacnlee/carrierwave-aliyun development by creating an account on GitHub.

Store file data in the database using ActiveRecord. - richardkmichael/carrierwave-activerecord A perfect image optimizer for Ruby. Contribute to albertbellonch/piet development by creating an account on GitHub. Minitest asserts that model the RSpec matchers for carrierwave - hcfairbanks/carrierwave_asserts Rack middleware for adding HTTP endpoints for files stored in MongoDB GridFS - skinandbones/rack-gridfs Modern encryption for Rails. Contribute to ankane/lockbox development by creating an account on GitHub.

Anyone can search through the listings index for specific restaurants. On the left side of the menu, expand […] Cloudinary provides a robust solution for image management pipelines, including image resizing, cropping and conversion. CarrierWave. This gem provides a simple and extremely flexible way to upload files from Ruby applications. It works well with Rack based web applications, such as Ruby on Rails. Authenticate user can download and upload file , this is the main purpose of my project.I want to secure my file downloads, so that only authenticate user can download file. For this, I use gem carrierwave and carrierwave/wiki "How To: Secure Upload". But when I click my download url , its says "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error" What I'm looking for is a way to bulk download files saved on S3 and uploaded with Carrierwave, it's been difficult to find good documentation on this as Carrierwave does not have any on this case. ruby-on-rails ruby carrierwave

Handle file uploads in Ruby-based web applications, including streamlined storage on cloud services, carrierwave It supports uploading, downloading, processing and deleting IO objects, backed by various storage engines. Attached is a Ruby on Rails cloud attachment and processor library inspired by Paperclip. Let's have an look on example with simple avatar upload image with Carrierwave. After bundle install Carrierwave, type in console $ rails generate uploader  20 Jul 2017 I don't recommend you to stream S3 objects from your Rails app to use SQLite3 + Amazon S3 for a file sharing Ruby on Rails application? Ruby on Rails File Upload with introduction, characteristics, installation, hello world, directory structure, gem install carrierwave; gem install bootstrap-sass. 11 Sep 2015 CarrierWave is a Ruby gem used to upload and store files (typically images To install and use CarrierWave for testing and small applications. (For Rails 3.0.X and CarrierWave 0.5.4). Add the gem file to your Rails project. 25 Feb 2016 A protip by alexisraca about rails, download, files, and javascript. 14 Aug 2018 NOT: user.avatar.file.nil? When you want to check if a file is attached to your model, the official Carrierwave Software writer fluent in Ruby.

How do I use the Cloudinary helpers from the Ruby GEM, using Sinatra? How to apply a transformation to all image versions (Carrierwave)? How can I generate a download/attachment URL for a private image? See more Do you have a Ruby on Rails sample code for uploading and transforming images?

$ gem install carrierwave In Rails, add it to your Gemfile: gem ' carrierwave ', ' ~> 2.0 ' Finally, restart the server to apply the changes. As of version 2.0, CarrierWave requires Rails 5.0 or higher and Ruby 2.2 or higher. If you're on Rails 4, you should use 1.x. Getting Started. Start off by generating an uploader: rails generate uploader CarrierWave is a Ruby gem that provides a simple and extremely flexible way to upload files from Ruby applications. You need to have Rails on your machine to follow along. To be sure, open up your terminal and enter the command below: Through this article, let’s try the single and multiple file upload using Carrierwave. Single File Upload. Lets create a rails api project, rails new example— api. Include carrierwave gem into our gem file. gem 'carrierwave' and do bundle install. Now we can try to create an api for user creation with user image. Ruby on Rails Review. Ruby on Rails is a development environment for the creation of web applications with databases in Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails, also known as RoR or Rails, uses the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and allows you to develop applications by writing less code language. The Ruby On Rails SDK provides simple, yet comprehensive image and video manipulation, optimization, and delivery capabilities that you can implement using code that integrates seamlessly with your existing Rails or Ruby application. The Ruby on Rails SDK gem may work well with a variety of Ruby and Rails versions. Uploading Multiple Images using CarrierWave. How to upload multiple image by selecting "ctrl + selction key" at same time. CarrierWave This gem provides a simple and extremely flexible way to upload files from Ruby applications. This gem has convenient support for multiple file upload fields. ImageMagickをあらかじめ入れておく。 画像をS3に置くだけなら要らないけど、たいていの場合は加工するはず。 RailsからS3にアクセスするためのGemと画像加工用にRMgickを入れておく。 # 画像保存 gem 'carrierwave' # For Carrierwave(S3用

Ruby on Rails - File Uploading - You may have a requirement in which you want your site visitors to upload a file on your server. Rails makes it very easy to handle this requirement.

30 Jun 2016 When a file is uploaded to a remote host such as Amazon S3, it is accessed via a public URL… most popular file upload gems: CarrierWave, Paperclip, and Refile. The rest of my Ruby on Rails guides can be found here.

Currently on a project that we do, where we use for upload files CarrierWave gem, we need to combine: Fog and: File storage by the environment settings. EarnOnMe